Happy mid December, All!

It’s been a great jumpstart to 2021 and December will forever be remembered as the covid vaccine is in full swing and we are all here to celebrate our good fortune. To those who have perished and those who have lost loved ones, my heartfelt condolences. There is no rhythm or reason for these deaths and as we move forward, let’s celebrate our lives, together.

Building up our new accessory line has been invigorating. I have never done this before and so there are so many things to learn and yet, I am grateful to my team.
In coming to the years’ end, I want to acknowledge my team for their undying support and inspiration.
Gary Caron for spearheading our distribution and orders, covering all the manufacturing and follow up, being there for me from day 1, thank you!
Stewart Caron for our website management and development
Alicia Waid for creating our social media platforms and creative edge
Stephanie Ripp for product development
Ian Orleans for CFO inspiration
Stephen Orleans for guidance, direction and inspiration! (and for fathering our two kids)
Allen Kader for always watching my back and books

and to my kids for always believing in their mom’s kooky idealism!

All my friends who have been there, supported and inspired me.

And mostly, to my customers.  You remind me everyday of how lucky I am to be in the most creative, colourful business and that we will succeed together!

Happy Holidays all and let’s all celebrate 2021 with hope and aspiration!

Thanks to all!