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The Original FTG (Frames2go!) was created by eyewear distributor Suzanne Sendel. Traveling globally, Suzanne grew frustrated that there wasn’t a solution to safely pack her frame collection. This is how the FTG was born.

The Original FTG is the ultimate solution for anyone’s eyewear collection. It gives you the flexibility to change your style on the go.

Easily eliminates bulky cases, protects your glasses, and keeps your frame collection organized.

Never lose your frames again!

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As a glasses wearer and an Eyewear Designer, I always have many pairs of glasses with me and in my hand bag. I don’t often use the cases for many reasons, first they take up too much space and it makes my bag weigh too much.

I have to thank Suzanne Sendel for solving my problems with stylish sleek FTG packaging. Not only does it protect your glasses investment but it’s the perfect size to carry around.

– Kazoku Lunettes


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