About US

The Original FTG (Frames2go!) was created by eyewear fashionista Suzanne Sendel.  As an eyewear distributor traveling across the country selling frames, Suzanne grew frustrated that there was nothing to neatly store her multiple pairs of glasses – prescription glasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, computer glasses – each had its own bulky case to store and space became an issue.  Having her full collection with her was a “must” so that she could sport her exclusive collections as she visited her customers.  Often misplacing her frames around the office or home, Suzanne finally decided to create a solution.

Frames to go is the ultimate solution for anyone’s eyewear collection.  It gives you the flexibility to switch up your style on the go!

The advantage of owning the Original FTG is that you eliminate bulky cases, protect your specs,  keep your frame collection organized, including an extra pocket for your cleaner /cloth and contacts.

Never lose your frames again!

Our sleek, trim designed pouch fits neatly into a purse, glove compartment, briefcase, suitcase, beach bag and even your sock drawer. Great for travel, storage and accessibility.