Absolutely love my FTG! I can now easily and effortlessly carry all my fave frames and sunglasses with me! FTG goes with me daily, it is the perfect size and so convenient! Thanks FTG and thank you Suzanne!

Ruth Priebe- The Optical Group Canada

“FTG seems like an easy add on sale that also encourages and normalizes multiple pair sales. The high-quality of the workmanship and materials is evident as soon as you see and touch the FTG. The pouch will be protectively cuddling my eyewear going forward.”

David B. Pietrobon Optik Magaine

A stellar testimonial from Robert Bell. 2021🙏 FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO KNOW ME... You know I write about, teach and coach selling strategies and techniques, with a focus on multiple pair sales. That said, it is very rare that I come across something (an accessory, no less) that will help you increase your multiple pair sales. I ordered a few of these FTGs (Frames 2 Go) for myself and some friends of mine. LOVE ‘EM!!! And, I came to realize, that a product like this can help “normalize” (in your customer’s minds) the idea of having more than one pair of glasses. Presenting a product like this, to your customer, will help you with the multiple pair conversation (or you can just hire EyeCoach for sales training 😉). I want to, personally and professionally, thank Susie Sendel for such an amazing concept and product!! Love my FTGs ❤️❤️❤️ *Disclaimer: I have not been compensated for these comments. Like I said above, it is very rare that I come across something like this which is a no-brainer in terms of making you a bit more money so, I thought I’d share my opinion with all of you. 😊

Robert Bell - Founder of EYECOACH / Featured columnist at Invision Magazine

My FTG has been great for keeping my eyeglasses and sunglasses protected and organized. I no longer have to choose only one pair of each to bring on trips. I also love that there are pockets of varying sizes so that I can carry even my largest of sunnies!

Dominique- www.styledomination.com

As a glasses wearer and an Eyewear Designer I always have many pairs of glasses with me and in my hand bag. I don’t often use the cases for many reasons first they take up too much space and it makes my bag weight too much. I have to thank Suzanne Sendel for solving my problems with stylish sleek FTG packaging. Not only does it protect your glasses investment but it’s the perfect size to carry around. Thank you Suzanne for your contribution to the Eyewear world.

Kazoku Lunettes

The FTG product is bar none one of the most novel and innovative ways to help leverage your optical that I have come across in a long time. Its versatility is boundless. Not can it be utilized for multi-pair incentive, but it can serve as an exceptional marketing tool as well as a reward in the form of monthly raffles or even a customer service 'Thank you' to your frequent flyers. I highly recommend this exceptional product to any practice or optical owner!

Solomon Gould, OD, MBA

I love that I can fit 4 pairs of glasses in this stunning pouch along with contacts, lens cleaner, and lens cloths. It is great for conferences and vacations. The hanging loop is the perfect addition to this pouch. And this is a women owned company! Thank you for creating such an innovative product!

Cassie Pastier, OD

This product is so amazing! Feels so luxurious and fashionable and best of all, I can take my frames everywhere!


It's a great idea for everyone! We have multiple pairs in my house..... all over the place until Suzanne sent me a FTG. Thanks !!

Eyelife & FTG

I used to choose which favorite eyewear was coming with me. Now I can take ALL my favorites with me. Thank you FTG and thank you Suzanne. Eyelife is so much better with FTG!!!

Dalie Schellen

I rarely promote product but this "find" is life changing! After spending years leaving glasses everywhere and wandering aimlessly trying to remember where I put them, I got my own "FTG". If you wear glasses, whether you have one or several pairs, FTG is a must! Gone are the multitude of cumbersome glass cases lying everywhere!!!! This was a gift I gave to myself but there is such great joy in giving to others so this will undoubtedly be on my list for anyone I care about, regular glasses or sunglass wearer, for any and all occasions or simply... just because.... This is pure genius! Love sharing fantastic things....this is one! Check out the options... 

Suzie Shaffer- Montreal

Love Love my Original FTG ..made life so much easier for carrying all of my eyewear around!

Shan Khan

I received the FTG and found it to be well made and thoughtfully designed. Not only does it hold my glasses safely, but it also is also ideal for carrying harmonicas.

Andy Karp
Optician’s Review!

Love,love,love! I travel frequently and as a retired optician, I have just a few glasses, haha! I love that I have one convenient place to store and carry them! I almost wish I was still working so I could offer these to patients in my shop.

Kim Hatchel
Perfect for travelling!

"Perfect for travelling purposes! So convenient and the perfect size!"

Dr. Kristie

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