It’s been almost 6 months since we’ve launched our FTG and are thrilled with the response.  Our pouch is selling across the globe and making it so much easier to tote your specs everywhere or leave them safe, sound and always around, at home.

With so many of us benefiting from this optical accessory “must have”, I have been inspired to share my experience in developing and sharing our FTG with our customers, old and new and welcome you to share your experiences with us.
In working on the road, I have had many fun and engaging experiences.  From the places I’ve traveled, the people I’ve met, the fashion forward eyewear industry has so many inspiring components that I hope to share with you.  As COVID affected us all, I must mention that we have been most fortunate.  In being in “lockdown”, I was perched in front of my computer screen for months.  I attended the most animated coffee chats and symposiums, meetings and conversations with the leaders in the fashion industry and optical business and made invaluable connections.
When we first received our shipment of FTG’s, we shipped many overseas to all of our new contacts.  To our amazement, each and every recipient loved our FTG’s enough to unwrap them on line and feature us in their blogs, stories and editorials.  We couldn’t have asked for such a gift and are still smitten by the kindness and love of these inspiring professionals.
In developing a new brand and thinking outside of the box, connecting with top influencers of various industries to help support our mission in building a strong base and following, we have had our share of bumps!
Snowstorms, hail storms, broken down car in the middle of… where was that? And always keeping a smile on my face to remind me of how fortunate I am to be in this visionary business.
Relentless, passionate, a true believer that happiness is created, not waited for, I hope to inspire you with some of my stories along the way.
Looking forward to engaging with you, storytelling from across the seas and ponds, sharing our people with you and hoping to hear more about your own personal experience with our original FTG!
Suzanne Sendel, creator of The Original FTG