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red vegan leather eyeglass case



Provocative, vibrant, intense red
Easy care and light weight.
Fits 1 to 4 frames.

Stylish grain leather finish, plush bonded microfibre interior for added protection. Extra pocket for cleaning cloth, cleaning solution, etc. Hanging loop for easy accessibility for home and travel.

Group 71
This little pouch is a miracle, not only does it hold my assorted sunglasses, but I also keep a lipstick & mascara and cleaning solution. It’s very well made, and water proof. I have one in my car, One in my purse and one for when I travel. LOVE THEM !!
– Tania Scardellato
Absolutely LOVE my FTG pouch. All my important accessories in one spot. My MANY pairs of glasses, cufflinks, watches and possibly my Scotch flask. It’s a must have. Looking forward to what Susie designs next.
– Roger Gingerich, CEO Canadian Fashion Film Festival


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